Occupancy Profiles and Occupancy Rates

Occupancy Profiles and Occupancy Rates

From a real estate investor's standpoint, occupancy rates are predictors of cash flow and they provide a method by which the financial attractiveness and performance of real estate assets can be compared.

The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) is being used to classify occupants into various industry & sub-industry groups based on which the building occupant profile is reported.

We provide occupancy rates and profiles for all buildings covered by us as a standard feature in our listings data. Rates & profiles are updated periodically to keep data relevant & fresh.

  • ‘Key occupant by industry’ gives information on the dominant sectoral occupiers of the building
  • ‘Key occupants’ lists the names of the largest occupiers in the building
  • A potential tenant or investor can use occupancy & profile data as additional tools in his decision-making matrix

Occupancy Category (%)

  • 90 – 100
  • 75 – 89
  • 50 – 74
  • 0 – 49