Proprietary Building Ratings

Proprietary Building Ratings

Ratings help you differentiate between buildings.

The Nine2FiveWorld Building Rating System utilizes the following parameters to create a building rating:


  • Neighbourhood profile
  • Accessibility to mass public transport
  • Neighbourhood maintenance


  • Desired & undesired views

Open Spaces & Lobbies

  • Space within building compound
  • Car parking
  • Entrance & floor lobbies


  • Structural glazing
  • Back-up power
  • Food court
  • Recreation / health facilities

Building Maintenance

  • External & internal

Designs & Layouts

  • Units per floor
  • Unit sizes
  • Flat slab construction
  • Floor to ceiling height
  • Column grid

Qualitative observations based on a 4-point scale are converted into a quantitative score to create 6 distinct classes of building ratings – AA, A, BB, B, CC & C.

These classes represent a subjective rating of buildings, which indicates the ability of each building to attract a particular value, either in terms of capital values or lease rentals.

Rating Categories

Highest Value

Lowest Value

  • AA
  • A
  • BB
  • B
  • CC
  • C